"K" Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Ltd


 "K" Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Limited is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary company of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd, Tokyo.

Until the summer of 2002 all of "K" Line's dry bulk shipping business activities were managed solely by "K" Line Tokyo. Their major business emphasis at that time was in the Pacific region, providing dry bulk shipping services mainly for the Japanese steel mills and power generating companies. This important business remains unchanged with a continued steady growth. "K" Line vision 2008+.

"K" Line recognised that with the globalisation and localization of dry business, supported by unprecedented demands for raw materials, that it was quite essential and natural for "K" Line to engage in new strategies to take advantage of these growth opportunities, particularly in the Europe/Atlantic region.

"K" Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Limited was therefore established in July 2003, to expand "K" Line's dry bulk business further into this important area.

By developing this business in an effective and dynamics manner, "K" Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Limited. has accomplished its primary objectives, which were to successfully establish itself in the market place and to provide logistical solutions for our customers. "K" Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Limited has a team of experienced staff and is strategically positioned to further develop its business activities in the Europe/Atlantic region.


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